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How can independent literacy activities be set up in the classroom?

How can independent reading be set up?

As part of a well-balanced literacy program students need to apply and practise their literacy skills through independent activities and independent reading.

These may include:

  • activities at learning centres set up by the teacher
  • re-reading books read successfully in a guided reading group and may have taken home to read and practise
  • reading student-made books
  • reading other self-selected books, such as library books.

Reading Approaches

Learning Centres

A way for teachers to ensure that students are actively practising their literacy skills is to set up a range of classroom learning centres.

These centres are designed to provide purposeful and meaningful literacy tasks. They provide students with the opportunity for:

Independent Activities
  • extension
  • reinforcement
  • enrichment
  • independence
  • responsibility.

In the Key Links Teachers’ Tool Boxes Jill Eggleton provides a range of practical activities for a variety of Learning Centres:

  • Oral Language Learning CentreYellow TTB Cover
  • Library Centre
  • Poetry Centre
  • Shared Book Centre
  • Writing Centre
  • Word and Letter Centre
  • Handwriting Centre
  • Design Centre
  • Science Centre
  • Computer Centre

There is also an example of how a Learning Centre Task Board may be set up to organise students.

There are several ways student can practise reading:

  • re-read books from Guided Reading sessions
  • take home reading books appropriate to their reading level
  • read student-made books

Jill Eggleton provides several practical ideas of how to set up books for students to read independently in the Teachers’ Tool Boxes for Key Links.

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