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Shared Reading

What is Shared Reading?

What resources are best for Shared Reading?

How does the focus change during Shared Reading?

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What is Shared Reading?

Shared Reading is a teaching approach generally used in a whole class group where all students are able to see the same text.

It is used to

  • read and enjoy books that students may not be able to read independently, and
  • introduce and reinforce literacy skills and strategies before students are expected to apply them in guided or independent reading.

According to the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model (Pearson and Gallagher, 1983), during Shared Reading teacher support is high and student responsibility is low.

Reading Approaches

Resources selected for shared reading should be age- and interest-appropriate for students.
Shared books that work best for shared reading tend to have ‘magical’, rhythmic, rhyming, repetitive text as found in Key Links Shared Books.

Jill Eggleton’s Shared Books are written to make reading fun! Students will want to read and re-read them.


In the Key Links Shared Books, Focus Panels provide support.

Baboon's Nest

Reading should always be for enjoyment! In addition, in Key Links it is recommended that a different daily teaching focus is taken each day.

Read and enjoy the story. After reading ask questions to stimulate discussion.

Re-read and encourage students to join in. Focus on interesting words.

Talk about the 'clues' that help students read well, like print conventions.

Re-read the text. Encourage the children to join in as you read. Take one spread and focus on letter names and sounds, word families, phonemes and rhyming words.

Use the text as a springboard to a response – drama, retelling or writing a new story.

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